Enjoy a safe stay at Hotel Italo

The NO-COVID campaign is the Hotel Italo's answer to guarantee even safer and more serene stays, without giving up the pleasure of a relaxing and wellness stay.


The Papa family has re-examined every aspect of its hospitality in order to provide security and serenity to their guests. For example, some of our measures concern: 


- Staff training: specific training for all our staff
- Breakfast: a service organized in such a way as to ensure adequate distance to avoid contamination. Breakfast will be served at the table
- Restaurant: you can have lunch or dinner in the dining room, where the distance of at least 1 meter from one table to the other will be enjoyed. In case of need the dining room will be enlarged in the living room.
- Sanitization of the room: to the traditional cleaning will be added a special sanitization, performed before your arrival.
- Check in: most of the administrative operations can be done online, thus limiting physical contact.
- Common rooms: the common areas of Hotel Italo will be limited in order not to create situations in which there is close contact with other guests.


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